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The Zen of data science at YOW! Data 2018

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky gave an updated version of his iconic presentation, “The Zen of Data Science” at YOW! Data 2018:

What makes data science such a different field? Why is it such a challenge to structure, manage and capture the value of data science? This presentation will focus on the key issues around the practice of discovery, (“science”) and how it differs from the practice of building new things (“engineering”). Other questions addressed will include: How do organisations manage and leverage the value of data science? What are the key “unknown unknowns” that managers miss so often, with disastrous results? What are the cultural, procedural, managerial differences between “scientists” and engineers in a modern, data-driven workplace?

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on strategic decision-making

Presciient founder Dr Eugene Dubossarsky recently spoke to Data Science Sydney on how to use data and analytics in strategic decision-making.

Data, analytics methods and metrics are in short supply when it comes to the most important decisions facing an organisation, and senior executive engagement with analytics remains tentative as a result. But what if there was an unambiguous KPI for measuring decision making effectiveness? And what if this method also led to reliably, measurably better decision making? And that identification of good decisions makers (potential or actual) was a side benefit of this method?

Find out more in the full presentation:

Living the dream: Becoming a freelance data scientist

Presciient founder Dr Eugene Dubossarsky speaks from experience about the path towards becoming a successful freelance data scientist, and discusses the important steps to take, and the risks, joys and thrills to be found along the way. Anyone considering going freelance will benefit from watching this video, which also offers a surprising perspective for those on the corporate career track.

Quantum machine learning

See data scientist Dr Eugene Dubossarsky, founder of Presciient, illuminate the cutting-edge topic of machine learning in the age of quantum computing.

Eugene Dubossarsky, data-science pioneer

Presciient founder Dr Eugene Dubossarsky recently talked with Alex Antic about teaching data science, changes in the field over his multi-decade career, Python versus R and more.

I love finding simple, intuitive explanations for complex things, and sharing them with others. I also like to see people grow and flourish, and get a buzz when it is partly due to my help. So training was a natural fit.

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Dr Eugene Dubossarsky on the Super Data Science Podcast

What would you say is the One Purpose to data science? Eugene Dubossarsky shares his deep thoughts on this subject as well as his strong opinions on the current state of data science and how it is used (and misused) and how this has shaped his career.

You will hear Eugene’s insightful career tips, including red flags to look out for, management and strategy advice, and how best to prepare for the future. We also discuss what role humans will play as managers and analysts as technological advances grow and machine learning increases in ability.

Who we are

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is a leader in the analytics field in Australia, with 20 years’ commercial data science experience. He is the founder of the Australia–New Zealand Data Analytics Network, with over 14,000 members, and the head of the Data Science Sydney group (5,000+ members), the Sydney Users of R Forum (SURF) (2,000+ members), and Datapreneurs (500+ members). He is regularly invited to be a conference presenter, consultant and advisor, and appears in print and on television to discuss data science and analytics. Eugene also applies data science in an entrepreneurial setting, to financial trading and online startups, and is the creator of ggraptR, an interactive visualisation package in R.

See Eugene’s presentations and interviews in videos, podcasts and text here.

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