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Data-driven decision-making

The “Data-Driven Decision-Making” course covers strategic decision-making in a rigorous context, and shows attendees ways to use data to make better decisions. It is aimed primarily at executives and managers, and anyone who wants to leverage analytics to support their most vital decisions, empowering them with skills to make more effective use of data analytics.

The most valuable use of analytics is in support of the most important decisions in the organisation. The effective use of data and analysis promises better decision-making at all levels of the organisation, yet the highest levels tend to go unserved.

Attendees of this course will learn how to:

  • receive, understand and make decisions from a range of analytics methods, including visualisation and dashboards
  • work with analysts as effective customers

The course will also offer a highly general, effective and applicable toolkit for:

  • objectively assessing leadership consensus on important decisions
  • making those decisions in a better and constantly improving way
  • objectively measuring decision making effectiveness
  • identifying the best decision makers in the team

Finally, this course will also cover the creation, management and necessary support of an effective and thriving analytics function in support of its executive sponsor and client.

Course content may vary from this outline, and will be driven by class learning needs. This course may also be offered under other names.