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The Zen of data science

Data science, big data, advanced analytics, machine learning… The buzzwords are many, the opportunities are great, and the complexity can be overwhelming. This presentation focuses on the heart, or “Zen” of the issue, presenting key concepts, distinguishing core from detail, and helping you to effectively navigate the complexity.

This is a high-level, non-technical presentation sharing key insights on the strategic business function of business modelling. A must for those developing their own analytics and data science capability.

The Zen of predictive modelling

“The Zen of predictive analytics”—Video of a talk given by Eugene Dubossarsky on predictive analytics at the Big Data Analytics meetup in Sydney in April 2013. See the presentation slides here.

Who we are

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is a leader in the data analytics industry with 18 years of commercial analytics experience. He is the managing director of Presciient, an analytics advisory firm specialising in training, mentoring, and analytics capability development. Eugene is also the principal founder of Analyst First, an international organisation dedicated to promoting effective, valuable analytics practice for business and government.

Eugene is a frequently invited chair and keynote speaker at Business Analytics and Big Data conferences and appears in print and on TV. He has 20 years’ experience programming in R and its parent language, S. Eugene is also the founder and head of the Sydney Users of R Forum (SURF), a group with over 1200 members, as well as a leader and sponsor of the Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane user groups, and founder of the Sydney Data Science group, which has more than 1000 members.

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